04 January 2019

New DRIRIDER Adventure boot.

On test in the New England High Country
Roll into the parking lot at any of your favourite bike stops and do a quick survey of riding gear. Who’s wearing what? Boots, jackets, gloves et al. I’m putting $50 on the bench right now that of the dozens of riders and pillions mingling around with their steaming lattes, more than half are sporting a piece of DriRider kit. In fact, I’ll go further and assert that many will be DriRider from head to toe.

There’s a good reason for this. For 35 years, DRIRIDER has protected Aussie riders with such high-quality apparel and accessories as thermals, boots, gloves, luggage and (since 2015) helmets. Designed specifically for our weather conditions and made for a true Australian fit (he says looking at his waistline).

Our latest piece of test kit is the brand new for 2019 Adventure C1 boot. Straight out of the box they look on the money and fit like a glove, secured by three, easily adjustable, quick-release fasteners and Velcro. I like the way they immediately feel safe and confident. Inside is a replaceable antibacterial liner, breathable with reinforced heel and toe area plus an ankle protector to EU standard (CE EN13634).

Mid-cut C2 in brown
The exterior is full grain leather with water-repellent suede upper with tough-as-nails moulded shin plate protection. You can bet they are water-, mud- and cow shit-proof too.

The same essential style is also available in a mid-cut (C2), with both also coming in brown if that’s your thing.

You’ll find them at your favourite gear outlet at an RRP of $299 for the full height or $249 for the middie.


10 December 2018

Austin Mini commands surprise auction price


David Ellis

A little red 1989 Austin Mini whose one lady owner had driven a mere 6,500km in her whole twenty-nine years of ownership, equating to a 'miniscule' on-average four kilometres a week, has just fetched an amazing UKP13,000  (AU$22,654) at auction in the UK.

Amazing, because that lady had paid a touch over just 1,900 pounds (AU$3,361) when she'd bought her little Mini new all those years before.

The concept of the Mini actually goes back a further 30-odd years before that to 1957 when head of the Morris Car Company, Sir Leonard Lord foreshadowed a place for a small, fuel-efficient and budget-priced family car in view of a looming world fuel crisis and tasked his top engineer, Alec Issigonis, with heading up a team of designers to bring about just such a vehicle.

Amongst ideas that team conceived was a boxy little auto into which four people could be literally shoe-horned, and which had a transverse engine and gearbox that allowed for a revolutionary, fuel-efficient front-wheel drive – something drivers around the world instantly took to, and which is still as in-vogue today as all those decades ago.

And the little red 1989 Austin Mini that's just sold in the UK with that extraordinarily low 6,500 kilometres after twenty-nine years on the road (meaning an average use of just 222km a year, or a touch over a mere four kilometres a week,) still had its original sale contract in the glovebox, original handbook and keys and supplier company's windscreen sticker, and the original 1980's style registration disc holder.

And while he's paid around a third more than the 10,000 pounds the car was expected to sell for at auction, its new owner says he bought it both to enjoy driving, and as an investment.

[] WOULD you believe this little red Austin Mini's one lady owner clocked up just 6,500 kilometres in a whole twenty-nine years driving – a mere four kilometres a week on average over all those years. (Image: H&H Classics Auctions)

29 November 2018

New Eighth Generation Porsche 911

Porsche presented the 8th generation of the 911 in Petree Hall at the Los Angeles Auto Show. “California is the ideal place to introduce the new 911. California has been like a second home to Porsche for decades,” comments Oliver Blume, CEO of Porsche AG. “The 8th generation of the 911 is even more powerful, even more emotional, and even more efficient than its predecessor – and also offers extensive digital features. And in spite of all the innovations, the 911 is still just what it has always been: a pure sports car and the pulsing heart of Porsche: our icon.”

Unmistakably committed to the Porsche design DNA, with a much more muscular look and an interior featuring a 10.9-inch touchscreen monitor, the new 911 is timeless – and also modern. Intelligent control and chassis elements, as well as innovative assistance systems, combine the masterfully uncompromising dynamism that the classic rear-engine sportscar is famed for, with the demands of the digital world.

Los Angeles Auto Show: Oliver Blume, Chairman of the Executive Board, Porsche AG

The next generation of flat-six turbocharged engines has been further developed and is more powerful than ever before, with 331 kW (450 PS) in the S models. The drive efficiency has been increased by way of an improved injection process and a new layout for the turbochargers and charge air cooling system. The power is delivered by a newly developed eight-speed dual-clutch transmission. The top speeds are now 308 km/h (Carrera S*) and 306 km/h for the Carrera 4S all-wheel-drive version. Additional highlights include Porsche Wet mode to make driving on wet roads even safer, Night Vision Assist with thermal imaging camera, as well as comprehensive connectivity that uses swarm intelligence. The offering is completed by three exclusive digital services that are a perfect fit for the Californian lifestyle: the Porsche Road Trip app for extraordinary journeys, the Porsche 360+ personal assistant, and the web-based Porsche Impact emissions calculator for neutralising your individual carbon footprint.

Detlev von Platen, Member of the Executive Board for Sales and Marketing at Porsche AG, emphasised the importance of the US American market for the sports car manufacturer: “More than 55,000 Porsches were delivered to the USA in 2017, and our American sales company Porsche Cars North America is on track to achieve a new record figure in 2018. Ultimately, no model better symbolises the American love affair with Porsche than the 911. One in three Porsche 911s built in Zuffenhausen goes to the USA.”

- from media release