08 April 2017

Royal Enfield: A blast from the past

When old is new again, the romance of the old English-styled Royal Enfield is taking the world by storm. Roderick Eime rides into the sunset.

India has always been a place where ingenuity and necessity have gone hand-in-hand. Any visitor to this ‘incredible’ country will see numerous examples every day where industrious townsfolk, strapped for resources and facilities, will ‘make do’ by patching up, innovating, recycling and repurposing.

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03 April 2017

Muscling In

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April 2017


There’s nothing quite like having almost a half-tonne of American metal beneath a comfortably cushioned saddle, the rhythmic rumble of an overly large V-twin engine punching through the buffeting breeze and a highway unfurling to a distant horizon ahead. Not for nothing are the most popular and revered of American motorcycles known as “cruisers.”

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05 December 2016

American Muscle Bikes

We might not be talking about the most refined or highly technical bikes on the market, but those who love them, and there are plenty of us, say that’s their appeal.

The big air-cooled V-Twins of US biker folklore are the undisputed bad boys of the tarmac with a pedigree that stretches back well over a century. Their appeal has next to nothing to do with latest advances in technology or creature comfort refinement, but everything to do with image, street cred and raw sex appeal.

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