04 July 2017

MV Agusta: Full Throttle Aria

The life and times of the iconic Italian superbike reads like a romantic opera. Roderick Eime joins the chorus.

The story of MV Agusta is like that of so many Italian motorcycle brands. Who knew that over time, there had been more 20 brands from the land that brought us Ferrari, Versace, Pavarotti and Peroni? True.

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29 May 2017

Inspecting Kluger: Toyota's seven-seat SUV under the magnifying glass

Drive review available now.

Toyota's 2017 Kluger seven-seat SUV now delivers even more power for less fuel. We test the 3.5 litre EFI V6 on a country run and see if Toyota's claims stack up.

08 April 2017

Royal Enfield: A blast from the past

When old is new again, the romance of the old English-styled Royal Enfield is taking the world by storm. Roderick Eime rides into the sunset.

India has always been a place where ingenuity and necessity have gone hand-in-hand. Any visitor to this ‘incredible’ country will see numerous examples every day where industrious townsfolk, strapped for resources and facilities, will ‘make do’ by patching up, innovating, recycling and repurposing.

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