23 July 2008

LX Appeal

08 January 2008


Source: Land Rover

The chance to take your Land Rover off-road and explore its capabilities in the great outdoors is one of the most enjoyable elements of ownership. If you are planning to go off-road this summer, it's important you take time to prepare yourself and your vehicle to ensure maximum comfort and safety during your journey. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Travel with at least one other vehicle and stay on established routes. If one 4WD gets stuck or disabled, the other one can assist. If you go on your own, take a mobile phone (but remember mobiles have limited coverage) or 2-way radio. Make sure you also tell someone where you are going and what route you plan to follow.

  2. Know your vehicle's dimensions - height, width, length, approach angle, departure and ramp angles - so you can pass through tight areas without damage.

  3. Check water, high grass and mud crossings for hidden obstacles such as logs, rocks and holes before crossing.

  4. Keep your thumbs on the steering wheel and out of the spokes. Steering wheel kickback on rough roads can cause injuries.

  5. Be aware of the surrounding terrain and changing conditions. Look in all directions as well as in front of the vehicle, so you know what lies ahead.

  6. Keep windows shut to avoid objects intruding into the cabin.
To find out more about driving off-road from the experts, be one of the first to order a free copy of Land Rover's four-wheel driving DVD, The Essential Guide to Off-Road Driving. Order here by providing your full mailing address and contact number in the email. Copies of the DVD are limited, so please respond early to avoid disappointment.

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