14 September 2018

Go big in 2019 with Harley-Davidson's new power line-up

It's 'go hard or go home' time for aspiring Harley owners with a new line-up of muscle machinery that sets an unmistakable tone.

FXDR: Blending in is not an option (H-D)

It was the famous Carroll Shelby who was credited with saying: “There ain't no substitute for cubic inches”, and in that spirit, The Motor Company has announced an aggressive front row of performance bikes that is sure to get pulses racing and may just move some fence-sitters into action.

If 114 finely tuned Milwaukee-Eight V-Twin cubes can't fire you into action, then you are ready for the retirement home.

FXDR: Pure muscle (H-D)
Nothing defines the judicious use of such unapologetic energy as the new FXDR 114 Softail. This aggressive 'power cruiser', styled on fighter jets and drag racers, thrills with straight-line performance but also satisfies riders wanting to take the long way home. The FXDR may look like a heavyweight prizefighter, but the clever use of hi-tech weight-saving components keeps it surprisingly lean.
“The FXDR 114 is designed for the rider who wants a more extreme look and stance,” wrote US publication, CycleWorld, “but also wants performance and handling not commonly found in a cruiser.”

The reworked angles and clearances all but do away with the common complaint of scraping pegs in tight corners.

Demo models of the FXDR will be in your Harley Heaven dealerships from mid-October. Book your ride now.

Big, bigger, biggest:

H-D 2019 Touring Family (H-D)

H-D's biggest powerplant, the massive, high-performance Milwaukee-Eight® 117 can be found in three limited-edition Custom Vehicle Operations™ (CVO) motorcycles for 2019.

Each CVO bike boasts stunning paint finishes, the latest in advanced technology as well as exclusive components and superb detail. The big 117 is exclusive to CVO™ models and the new Boom!™ Box GTS infotainment system is standard as well.

2019 CVO Limited

The three super CVOs for 2019 are:

2019 CVO™ Limited
For the rider who expects it all – luxury, performance, features and style. The CVO Limited model offers the ultimate in long-range touring comfort and luxury.

2019 CVO™ Street Glide®
An edgy, custom-bagger with hot-rod performance and a mind-blowing premium audio system.

2019 CVO™ Road Glide®
Distinctive, menacing style combined with long-haul comfort in a performance touring motorcycle ready for long roads and late nights.

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