15 May 2022

SOLD: 1987 VL HRT Replica in full race trim


Relive the glory days of 1980s Group A Touring Car racing with this immaculate VL HRT tribute car. Meticulously built to full race specification, this vehicle only has “running in” mileage and is ready for the track, tarmac rallies or touring car parades. 

The equipment list includes adjustable coil-over suspension, fully-floating 9-inch diff, 5-speed transmission, high-horsepower 308 Holden V8, wiring for MoTeC ECU and mounting for Rallysafe rally management system. The cabin, with passenger/navigator seat, is protected with a CAMS-approved roll cage.

Currently offered for sale at Collecting Cars Auction Site

12 May 2022

Elvis's Harley-Davidson is in Australia

The King of Rock had a love for motorcycles, and a particular interest in Harley-Davidson

What’s the first thing you do when you sniff success? You go and buy a motorcycle of course. And what sort of motorcycle? A Harley-Davidson, naturally.

Well that’s what Elvis ‘The King’ Presley did anyway.

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