28 December 2021

Bendigo to host massive motorcycle collection in new museum

The heritage-rich city of Bendigo, an easy two-hour ride/drive from Melbourne CBD, is set to open a most impressive motorcycle-themed restaurant and nightspot.

Housed in the former Black Swan Hotel, right in the heart of Bendigo on Pall Mall, the ornate two-storey Victorian premises was built in 1873 at the height of the gold rush and has witnessed many of the city’s great events. 

En route to Melbourne, I contrived to stop over in Bendigo and check out the progress and meet with Dugal James, the avid motorcycle collector who has purchased the premises and installed a couple dozen of his favourite machines along with memorabilia.

Dugal James with a gallery of some of his Indian Motorcycle heroes (RE)

“My obsession with motorcycles began before I left home and went to university,” Dugal told me as we eyed the expansive display in the old hotel’s entranceway. He is now a highly accomplished surgeon living and working in Bendigo. “Indian motorcycles have been my primary focus, but as you can see, I’m quite partial to both Italian and German machines, particularly the rarer and more unusual examples.”

24 September 2021

Motorsport image archive sold to AN1 Images

 Please be advised that as of September 2021, Aaron Noonan and AN1 Images now own full commercial and reproduction rights to all my motorsport images covering roughly 1985 - 2002. Read the announcement here

05 September 2021

Free Download: Classic Harleys


Brought to you by Heavy Duty Magazine, Australia's best V-Twin publication, 14 rare, classic and collectable Harley-Davidson motorcycles are beautifully photographed and profiled in intimate detail. 

Follow this link

25 July 2021

Giddy Up Gippsland


Like Rumplestiltskin waking from a Covid Coma, Victorians are ready to rock and roll. And what better place to restart our road riding repertoire than Gippsland in autumn.

Words: Roderick Eime Photos: Roderick Eime, Ces deSouza, Peter Washington

Poor Victoria. It may be the home of AFL and the birthplace of Australia’s coffee culture, but 2020 saw the southern state endure the harshest lockdown restrictions with the crippling 112-day isolation pushing folks to the brink. 

21 July 2021

Anzac Day ride into the NSW and Victorian High Country [video]

Inveterate rider and friend of the MotorWeb, Paul 'Digger' Davies, heads into the wilds again in search of fresh air and wide-open spaces. What does he find? Read on.

Work has given me four days off in a row. So I rallied the troops for a weekend of cautious legal speed limit adventure riding. I am not sure if it's David's mystery road navigation techniques or the fact it's getting cold but only a few were keen. 

19 July 2021

Happy 75 Vespa: Ain't no cuter Scooter

Celebrating more than 70 years in continuous production, Italy’ iconic Vespa still cuts a stylish line through the world’s back alleys and side streets.

Words: Roderick Eime

When Audrey Hepburn’s character, Princess Anya, wobbled and swerved her way around the busy piazzas in the 1953 classic romantic comedy, Roman Holiday, little did she know what a cultural icon she was about to create both for herself and the machine.

05 July 2021

Harley-Davidson takes the high road to adventure.


Milwaukee’s all-new Pan America adventure bike certainly has people talking. Everyone has an opinion about this so-called ‘departure’ for The Motor Company. But is it?

Words: Roderick Eime Pics: Harley-Davidson/Mark Watson

When the Davidson boys and Mr Harley embarked on their momentous motorcycle journey nearly 120 years ago, America was a vastly different place. Motorcycles became a popular form of personal transport because they were convenient, affordable and able to deal with the roads (I use the term loosely) of early 20th century America. Just.s

04 July 2021

Tamworth: No Strings Attached

Even some of the locals are over the yodelling and pedal steel guitars. HOG member and history nerd, Roderick Eime explores another side of Tamworth and the surrounding region.

There wouldn't be too many Heavy Duty readers who haven’t done Thunderbolt’s. But even so, we thought it was time for a refresher and the crisp Autumn weather and a sparkling Street Glide Special were hard to refuse.

Many of you, we know, will be heading this way for the forthcoming National Thunder Rally scheduled for October, so a quick ‘recce’ was in order to endorse the route as a viable alternative to the busy New England Highway.

A quick call to frequent riding pal, David Reeves, and the Softail Deluxe was dusted off and made ready for the journey north.

Read the full story in Issue 177 of 

24 June 2021

Why buying tyres at Costco can save you both time and money. Really.

Tyred and Tested

Commissioned for Costco

Buying automotive tyres is not something most people look forward to. Depending on your vehicle, it can be expensive and confusing with all kinds of strange terminology and measurements. Costco customers already know the advantages of shopping at Australia’s largest wholesale warehouse store, but did you know you can solve the problem of your new tyres there as well?

Sensational Adelaide - History of the Clipsal 500

Friend of MotorWeb, Aaron Noonan (aka V8 Sleuth) is proud to announce the release of his newest book, SENSATIONAL ADELAIDE - THE ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF THE ADELAIDE 500 BOOK

20 June 2021

Classic Corollas in Daring Desert Dash


Classic Corollas in Daring Desert Dash

A dozen well-worn little Japanese sedans and coupes will tackle some of Australia’s toughest outback tracks in the name of fun, camaraderie and charity.

The 19th running of the annual Corolla Caper will begin from Kartmania at Gepps Cross in Adelaide’s northern suburbs at 8am, setting out on a 7-day, 2000km odyssey around South Australia’s Riverland, Central Murray and Southern Flinders Ranges.

14 June 2021

Custom exhaust systems for Harley-Davidson: We test TBR 2-into-1


The switch to a custom exhaust system is probably one of the most frequently considered and executed aftermarket modifications for any bike owner. But what things do you need to consider? Will you get a big power boost from a fancy new exhaust system?

18 May 2021

Stolen Holden HR Premier recovered after more than 40 years

Alice Springs resident, Peter Hondow, had his prized Holden HR Premier stolen from outside his home in 1974.

Working two jobs to pay off the loan, the then 17-year-old was so determined to recover his car, he chartered a light plane and conducted his own aerial search - to no avail.

Rare Torana stolen in violent robbery

Police are investigating a robbery at Wistow where a distinctive car was stolen.

About midnight on Friday 14 May, a man returned his home on Wellington Road to find two men in the process of stealing his car which was parked in a locked shed.

14 May 2021

Wild Lexus spotted in Dubai

Friend of MotorWeb, Dubai-based Damien Reid, muses over the stalwart LandCruiser and its Lexus cousin.

Only an idiot would diss a LandCruiser's stated intention as arguably the best off-roader on the planet but the Lexus LX570 as an urban cruiser is definitely feeling its ladder-frame chassis age, though thankfully an all-new one is coming. I loved the Lexus feel, interior quality and touchpoints but it's not tricking you into thinking it's anything but a well used Landy. 

This is a 'Ltd Ed' with the very nice olive green paint (not sure about so much red leather though, personally) but holy crap that window tint cannot be factory spec. Literally couldn't drive it at night. It will sell no doubt to the purists but I'm now curious to see the new model. Its 5.7 V8 is one of the world's best V8s and no question, the big L still commands respect and appreciation in these parts. The enigma. 

09 April 2021

Wauchope Motofest 2021

Join MotoFest Wauchope this year, for the 5th Anniversary Celebration of our Motorcycle Friendly Town of Wauchope. The annual Moto Fest Wauchope is on Saturday the 11th of September 2021 at the Wauchope Showgrounds $10 entry kids under 18 free with an Adult. 

On site Camping Available from $10 per site per night, Book them thru the caretaker at the Showgrounds on 0475111074. It's going to Be HUGE this year with things like the Motorcycle Show N Shine, Motorcycle Gymkhana, Tattoo Show, as well as Vendor Stalls. Ride in by the PMQ Classic Motorcycle Club, Plus Lots Lots more yet to be announced so save the date and get yourself along to #motofestwauchope

05 April 2021

The new world is silent: The hybrid Maserati Ghibli


Long time friend of MotorWeb, Dubai-based Damien Reid, is turning his colleagues green with envy with his test of the new Maserati Ghibli. Here's a sneak preview.

02 April 2021

Barnfind: Austins surface in Mallee find

The term 'barnfind' has become the catchphrase for car collectors worldwide. And here is a true example of just that. While passing thru a remote hamlet out in the Victorian scrub, I chanced upon this lot behind a fence, complete with 'For Sale' sign.


23 March 2021

Daredevil Evel Knievel and Harley-Davidson

The story of the world's greatest daredevil and his favourite motorcycles

In the rough-and-tumble copper mining town of Butte, Montana, during the late 1950s, a young Robert Craig Knievel struggled to make a name for himself. Having dabbled in crime and worked odd jobs as a miner, a hunting guide, and a motorcycle salesman, Knievel realised that he needed to pick a vocation that, as he described it, “put a lump in my throat and a knot in my stomach.”

19 March 2021

Bulli 2021: A Celebration of Japanese Bikes


We invite all Japanese motorcycle clubs and all scooter clubs to display at the 2021 event.

Bulli Showground has been booked and we look forward to welcoming enthusiasts to the event. Any change due to Covid 19 will be advised on the AMCA Australia website, Instagram, Facebook page and by email to our database.

If you would like to be included in our contact list please email VL Phill at AMCA.AusWeb@gmail.com.

13 March 2021

On the road to Jindabyne and beyond

Our fearless correspondent, Paul Davies, doesn't let a bit of wild weather dampen his enthusiasm for motorcycle touring.

 I was on time. Waiting with coffee in hand at the predetermined cafe. The bearded one pulled into the service station across the road and pumped up his tyres, left his lights on and drained the battery. 

09 March 2021

Ken Adams, automotive aftermarket pioneer

 My dear Uncle Ken, now 87, was a pioneer of the automotive aftermarket business, starting with a humble wrecking yard on Port Road at Beverley in Adelaide's early industrial heartland.

The first enterprise, Main Motors, grew to become Mainstyle, a network of retail outlets along the lines of today's Supercheap Auto or AutoBahn.

An early newspaper advertisement c.1966

Here are some of his recollections:

Ken Adams

In the late ‘50s and the early 60s, the typical new car purchased by the average Australian was very basic. 

There were none of the creature comforts we are so used to today.

Some of the more expensive models like Wolseley 6/80s, Austin Princess, Mercedes, etc. did have a radio and possibly a heater.  However, if the average motorist wanted to hear the news or music, they had to buy an expensive radio and have it fitted. 

Even if available, the early automobile heaters were very basic. For example, a heater core was placed under the vent which opened in front of the windscreen or a hole cut in the firewall with a 3-inch tube running up to the radiator bringing in warm air. I could go on at length describing all of the primitive heaters manufactured at the time, enough to fill a book. 

One of the innovators was Reg Tilley who designed a rudimentary, under-dash heater for 48 Series Holdens in the '40s. 

There was even a bar-type heater which quickly proved itself dangerous and quickly drained the car’s battery.

In my opinion, the best one at the time was the English-built Smiths fan-driven heater. It was round with little doors which fitted under the dash but was fairly expensive. 

Towelling seat covers were a must followed by clear plastic ones. If you could afford it, a lay-back seat was a bonus for camping. These were distributed by Wiltshires.

This beautifully accessorised 1963 EJ Premier is owned by Peter Barbadonis

Other exterior accessories available at the time included the very popular sunvisor. These were made in a metal mesh and sold in all colours. If you could afford it, a metal one painted in the same colour as your car could be purchased. 

The first windscreen protectors were large and clumsy mesh things that were later replaced by more practical plastic ones. 

Then there was the vinyl roof and rear-wheel spats which covered the opening in the rear mudguard. Some of these fancy items were vented. You could add whitewall tyres or chrome wheel trims of all shapes and sizes. The cheaper aluminium ones went under the hub cap while the full covers came in many designs. Some even looked like wire wheels. Mag wheels came much later.

For an interior with all the comforts of home, you could get a Venetian blind in black or white, but they often rattled. 

You can argue whether it was classy or crass, but a fluffy rear deck mat with a nodding dog or cat was seen on many cool cars as was an electric, blue-bladed fan on the dash. (We think the brand was 'Marenu') 

To be continued

25 February 2021

Pan America 1250 Special will arrive in Australian Harley-Davidson dealerships in Q3 2021.

The Pan America motorcycle is Harley-Davidson’s explore-it-all machine for riders who see touring as detouring – on-road and off. This rugged, powerful, technologically advanced multi-purpose vehicle is designed from the ground up to inspire rider confidence and fuel the spirit of adventure, wherever the road may take you.

05 February 2021

See the largest collection of Holden vehicles anywhere in the world


With last month’s news of Holden delivering zero vehicles in the month of January, it would seem the last nail has been driven home for the once iconic Aussie badge.

23 January 2021

What happened to Harley-Davidson police bikes?

Harley-Davidson special build police bikes Road King and Electra Glide (H-D)

If you were going to cite your best-remembered police bike, most of us would cite the big Harley-Davidson as the most iconic in this genre. But you might be surprised that some of the bikes ridden by the boys in blue were not the muscular Highway Patrol machine of legend.

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