24 May 2024

Celebrating the 100-year Anniversary of Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing in Goulburn

Media Release

 The stage is set for the 100th Anniversary of the First Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix to be held in Goulburn which will be celebrated from Friday 21 to Sunday 23 June 2024, marking exactly 100 years since the inaugural race. 

With a variety of events taking place throughout the weekend, the 100th Anniversary of the  First Australian Grand Prix will be primarily held at the Goulburn Recreation Area. 

The Bear in Oman


"Why Oman?"

That's what I hear from practically everyone to whom I mention my most recent bike trip with Edelweiss Bike Tours. When I ask "why not?" I get a range of answers involving remoteness, strict Muslim laws, lack of tourist facilities and... just why?

23 May 2024

Royal Enfield Himalayan 2.0 - Budget Adventure Enhanced

When Royal Enfield announced their all-new, clean-sheet Himalayan, they weren’t kidding.

A fellow member, eager to learn my impressions of this revitalised machine, was told “the only resemblance the new Himalayan has to the old is the name.”

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