17 December 2023

Get Down on Harley's Low Rider ST

We ride Harley’s crowd-pleasing Low Rider in its latest incarnation, the ST. 

Low Rider is one of those bikes that just keeps evolving. Harley-Davidson first used the name in 1977 to describe a “factory custom” variant of the venerable FX Super Glide with alloy wheels, twin front discs, extended forks with a 32° rake and a low 660mm seat height.

08 December 2023

Motorcycle touring: Ticking Off Thailand


Lots of us have ridden all around the world but how many have done the Land of Smiles?

The notion of riding in SE Asia is not going to take most of us by surprise. Many of us have already ridden in places like India, Mongolia and Vietnam - and come home with all sorts of stories.

29 November 2023

You can own this one-off 120th Anniversary Low Rider ST

05 November 2023

Lions Bike Show 2023

Did we see you at the Lions Bike Show in Macclesfield? I have about 300 photos of riders on the road between Mt Barker and Macclesfield. All shots $10 ea (sent as a JPG) with $1 going to the Lions Club.

>> Check out the album HERE <<

17 October 2023

We ride the all-new LAMs-approved Harley-Davidson X350 and X500


This week, Harley-Davidson introduced the all-new X350 and its bigger sibling, the X500 to dealers and media in a secret "underground" reveal.

31 August 2023

Honda's Tearaway NT1100 Sports Tourer

Is it a rival to the established big-bore sports touring bikes like BMW's S1000R. Terry McCarthy swung a leg over to find out. Photographs Roderick Eime

The NT1100 is available in two versions. Manual 6-speed transmission and Dual Clutch 6 speed transmission (DCT). The gunmetal black version I rode was the manual transmission version. The standard transmission model is also available in iridium grey. Those opting for the DCT will be limited to gunmetal black and their bike will weigh slightly more. 238kg for the standard, 248kg for the DCT.

Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale returns

Alfa Romeo is delighted to announce the return of the legendary 33 Stradale, an icon of the 1960s, reputed by many to be one of the most beautiful cars of all time, and derived directly from the Tipo 33 – once a big name in world motorsport.

18 August 2023

Ultimate Indonesian MotoGP Experience

Calling all Adrenaline Seekers to Indonesia’s Most Prestigious Motorsport Event: the Indonesian MotoGP, Lombok

14 June 2023

Is this the best Royal Enfield ever?

Royal Enfield delights fans with the newest incarnation of Meteor

You’d be well aware that Royal Enfield has set the small- and mid-size road bike categories ablaze with their cute, retro machines that are simple, fun and easy to ride.

29 May 2023

A snapshot of 2023 Bangkok International Motor Show

Small and lightweight machines continue to be the frontrunners in the Asian motorcycle market. The reasons are self-evident: narrow, crowded streets, high import duties on large bikes and the cost of fuel. Large bikes (typically over 500cc) are still very much aspirational and are seldom seen on the streets as daily rides. 

All the Cars Featured in Fast X and Where to Buy Them

2003 Lamborghini Gallardo | The Fast and the Furious Wiki | Fandom
Fast X – the 10th instalment in the Fast & Furious franchise – hit Aussie cinemas this May, completely action-packed, featuring beloved actors such as John Cena and Jason Momoa, and most importantly… filled to the brim with iconic cars! From muscle cars to electric vehicles and sports cars, Fast X is teeming with incredible wheels that audiences have come to expect and love from this multi-million-dollar franchise. If you’ve been eyeing off any of the cars featured on Fast X, here’s exactly what they were, and where you can buy them. Collecting Cars, the world’s largest online auction platform for rare, iconic and sporting vehicles, have got you covered, with breakdowns on each of the cars and how much you might need to splash if you want to nab one of the iconic cars featured in Fast X.

The dream of most millennials, the 2003 Lamborghini Gallardo features in a supercar chase sequence in Fast X throughout the streets of Italy – and for very good reason. The Gallardo is a thrilling Italian supercar with a mighty 5.2-litre V10 engine, able to sprint from 0-100km/h in just 3.8 seconds, with a top speed of 324km/h. Nothing says ‘car-chase’ faster than this classic Lamborghini. If the Fast X movie has triggered any of your millennial dreams, you can pick up a Lamborghini’s from the Collecting Cars platform like this 2017 LAMBORGHINI AVENTADOR LP740-4 S you might just need to be ready to splash over $700K
1967 Chevrolet El Camino | The Fast and the Furious Wiki | Fandom1973 CHEVROLET EL CAMINO
Driven by John Cena’s character in the film, the Chevrolet El Camino goes on an intense car chase throughout the canyons, custom-fitted with its own missile launches. So, sadly while everyday collectors have to forego the rocket-launches, the El Camino still boasts a 5.4-litre V8 Engine, with three-speed Turbo-Hydramatic automatic transmission. One of these classic American Utility Vehicles will set any intrigued buyers back by approximately $25-30k + custom rocket launchers.
Fast X Trailer - New Fast & Furious Movie Drops First TrailerPORSCHE 911 GT3 RS (997)
Gear heads adore the Porsche 911 GT3 RS as it is the closest thing to a road-race car that you can get, hence why it is featured in Fast X! A very similar green model that was featured in the movie sold on Collecting Cars earlier this year for a whopping $330k! Designed with the track in mind, it has an impressive power-to-weight ration of 300bhp per tonne! Sadly, whilst it does go up in flames, it makes for one fantastic chase sequence. If you’re looking to add a similar car to your portfolio, Porsche 911’s are classic for a reason – you can pick up one via the Collecting Cars platforming including this 2017 Porsche 911 (991.2) GT3 Clubsport in red, or the 1991 Porsche 911 (964) Turbo 3.3.

Some other notable car highlights from the film include the 1970 Dodge Charger R/T muscle car, which has become synonymous with the protagonist, Dominic Toretto, as well as the other classic muscle car, the 1966 Ford Fairlane. Jason Momoa’s character favours a lavender Chevrolet Impala, whilst the franchise also highlights the Japanese auto industry with cars like the Datsun 240Z, which is by far one of the most legendary Japanese sports cars of all time.

Whether you’re a Fast & The Furious Fan or not, audiences agree that the franchise does feature some iconic and remarkable rides. For more information about these types of cars and where you can get your hands on your own Fast and Furious ride, visit Collecting Cars for more information: www.collectingcars.com

28 May 2023

So, who was Fast Johnnie anyway?

The famous pig has a history with the Harley-Davidson Motor Company 

Read all about Johnnie at Harley-Heaven

10 May 2023

Harley-Davidson 120th Demo Fleet coming to a dealership near you

Harley-Davidson Australia is once again bringing the greatest show on two wheels on the road, with the Motor Company’s demonstrator fleet revived to celebrate their 120th anniversary this year. 

01 March 2023

Hunter targets young and carefree riders

Retro brand, Royal Enfield, continues to delight with small to mid-size offerings.

India has always been a place where ingenuity and necessity have gone hand-in-hand. Any visitor to this ‘incredible’ country will see numerous examples every day where industrious townsfolk, strapped for resources and facilities, will ‘make do’ by patching up, innovating, recycling and repurposing.

09 February 2023

Glide Path: 2023 sees the Harley-Davidson Road Glide in gleaming form

 We review the mighty Road Glide for Bikesales.

To trace the evolution of the imperious Harley-Davidson Road Glide, we need to venture back to 1941 when Milwaukee launched the FL series of big-frame motorcycles.

Read the full story at bikesales.com.au

21 January 2023

Harley-Davidson celebrates 120th Anniversary with limited edition models

#webuilders #letsride #HD120

News straight from Milwaukee is that Harley-Davidson has kick-started a year of 120th-anniversary celebrations with the grand reveal of its 2023 fleet of motorcycles.

17 January 2023

The secret society of modern motorcycle groups

#letsride #webuildriders

Even before Marlon Brando stepped out with his bad boys in 1953’s ‘The Wild One’ the cult of the motorcycle gang has been an urban phenomenon. But not all motorcycle ‘gangs’ are about creating mayhem.

12 January 2023

New Year, New Harley


Harley-Heaven has made it easier with Low Rate Finance offer on these seven 2022 models. Stock is ready to go, why wait?

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