29 May 2023

A snapshot of 2023 Bangkok International Motor Show

Small and lightweight machines continue to be the frontrunners in the Asian motorcycle market. The reasons are self-evident: narrow, crowded streets, high import duties on large bikes and the cost of fuel. Large bikes (typically over 500cc) are still very much aspirational and are seldom seen on the streets as daily rides. 


In Thailand for example, the entry-level Softail Standard is close to AUD$38k, about $15k more than here. I was eagerly looking out for H-D's soon-to-be-launched Chinese and Indian small-capacity machines, but alas, not to be found.


Also of note was the proliferation of electric everything from Bentleys to kids' scooters. Even Harley-Davidson's new German CEO was heard to say that eventually, the Milwaukee brand will be all-electric. Thankfully, it won't be in my lifetime, even though I do own a LiveWire. 


Website: Bangkok International Motorshow

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