24 May 2024

Celebrating the 100-year Anniversary of Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing in Goulburn

Media Release

 The stage is set for the 100th Anniversary of the First Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix to be held in Goulburn which will be celebrated from Friday 21 to Sunday 23 June 2024, marking exactly 100 years since the inaugural race. 

With a variety of events taking place throughout the weekend, the 100th Anniversary of the  First Australian Grand Prix will be primarily held at the Goulburn Recreation Area. 

The Bear in Oman


"Why Oman?"

That's what I hear from practically everyone to whom I mention my most recent bike trip with Edelweiss Bike Tours. When I ask "why not?" I get a range of answers involving remoteness, strict Muslim laws, lack of tourist facilities and... just why?

23 May 2024

Royal Enfield Himalayan 2.0 - Budget Adventure Enhanced

When Royal Enfield announced their all-new, clean-sheet Himalayan, they weren’t kidding.

A fellow member, eager to learn my impressions of this revitalised machine, was told “the only resemblance the new Himalayan has to the old is the name.”

07 April 2024

CF Moto 800NK Advanced: China to the fore

Chinese brand, CF Moto, has been shutting down detrators for the last few years. Is Terry McCarthy another convert to the Hangzhou-based giant?

Let's start with the price: An introductory $12490.00 on road with 12 months registration. The bike has a 3-year warranty which is much better than many of its competitors.

12 March 2024

New Royal Enfield Himlayan 450 vs. CF Moto 450MT


One of the most popular motorcycles in the lightweight adventure segment is the Royal Enfield Himalayan. Loved for its simplicity and reliability, the stalwart adventurer is about to get a major upgrade and will be arriving in dealerships in the next few weeks. 

You’re probably already up to date with all the specs, but for those who may have missed out, the key features are:

  • RE's first liquid-cooled engine the Sherpa 450, 
  • Ride-by-wire with 4 riding modes, 
  • Switchable ABS, 
  • Upside down forks, 
  • LED Headlamp, 
  • Integrated LED turn and tail lamps, 
  • USB type C charging point, 
  • 4″ TFT display with phone connectivity, media controls and full Google map navigation.

Look for a full and comprehensive review in the next issue of Riding On, but you’ll probably have bought one by then.  www.royalenfield.com.au/model/himalayan-450/

Read our more fulsome report here

If Royal Enfield thought they were going to have everything their own way in the lightweight adventure motorcycle segment, CFMoto had other plans.

Almost identical in features, specs and pricing, the Chinese giant’s contender will also be on sale about the same time, giving potential buyers a distinct choice in the sub $10k price segment.

According to press reports, the CFMoto seems to be missing ride modes (Himalayan has four), while the Chinese have squeezed an extra 10 per cent power and torque for the same capacity and kept the machine 20kg lighter.

Our advice would be to research and test both thoroughly unless you have an overriding loyalty to one or the other.   www.cfmoto.com.au/range/motorcycle

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