20 September 2022

The Most Expensive Classic Cars Ever Sold At Auction

There are cars. And then there are extraordinary cars.

The latter refers to the vehicles that today represent the absolute pinnacle in classic automotive machinery. Some raced, some were owned by celebrities, some are extraordinarily rare, and others still ushered in landmark new technology.

29 August 2022

Is Harley-Davidson's new Nightster a true Sportster?


Now, don’t get me wrong. I loved my Iron 883 Sportster. It was my introduction to the Harley-Davidson family and served me well for several years until I moved up to the Milwaukee Eight. So it was with some curiosity when I was introduced to the svelte little Nightster with its 975cc version of the new liquid-cooled Revolution Max (RevMax) 60-degree V-Twin.

13 July 2022

Gettin’ Our Guzzi On.

As published in Australian Road Rider. Issue 142

Every rider knows the Putty Road. Three old guys take their first dates on a romantic spin along this historic scenic byway. Roderick Eime 

Could we do him a favour? That was the question Paul McCann of PS Imports asked me when I enquired about a Moto Guzzi test ride.

06 June 2022

Secure it with ZIPPYLOK


A lot of you have got a 'HELMETLOK' from Rocky Creek Designs, or, you've probably seen the combination lockable carabiner used by another biker to secure their helmet to a bike. Well, the same people who designed that item, have a new gadget for doing a similar job. 

Enter the ZIPPYLOK, which, for all intents and purposes, looks like a fancy Zip Tie. That said, you could probably use it for many similar functions. : It consists of an adjustable (stainless?) steel strap, 450mm long and 10mm wide, contained in a tough flexible rubber/plastic scratch-resistant covering. This allows you to lock your helmet or other motorbike related item securely to your bike without scratching your steed's paintwork. It can loop as small as 40mm x 70mm or as large as 140mm in diameter. The strap can easily thread through a helmet strap 'D' shackle.

There is no doubt a multitude of uses for this lightweight, durable and lockable device. I'm informed that it is water-resistant and won't corrode, and can be left in place on your bike rack or grab rail when not actually employed in locking a valuable. The 3 digit combination is resettable to any 3 numbers you find easy to remember.

The good thing about it is the price because at $39.95 you can get a few of them and the security possibilities are endless.

I'm carrying mine around on a belt loop or in my jacket pocket, it's brilliant!

Ian Parks

15 May 2022

SOLD: 1987 VL HRT Replica in full race trim


Relive the glory days of 1980s Group A Touring Car racing with this immaculate VL HRT tribute car. Meticulously built to full race specification, this vehicle only has “running in” mileage and is ready for the track, tarmac rallies or touring car parades. 

The equipment list includes adjustable coil-over suspension, fully-floating 9-inch diff, 5-speed transmission, high-horsepower 308 Holden V8, wiring for MoTeC ECU and mounting for Rallysafe rally management system. The cabin, with passenger/navigator seat, is protected with a CAMS-approved roll cage.

Currently offered for sale at Collecting Cars Auction Site

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