15 May 2022

FOR SALE: 1987 VL HRT Replica in full race trim


Relive the glory days of 1980s Group A Touring Car racing with this immaculate VL HRT tribute car. Meticulously built to full race specification, this vehicle only has “running in” mileage and is ready for the track, tarmac rallies or touring car parades. 

The equipment list includes adjustable coil-over suspension, fully-floating 9-inch diff, 5-speed transmission, high-horsepower 308 Holden V8, wiring for MoTeC ECU and mounting for Rallysafe rally management system. The cabin, with passenger/navigator seat, is protected with a CAMS-approved roll cage.

Currently offered for sale at Collecting Cars Auction Site

12 May 2022

Elvis's Harley-Davidson is in Australia

The King of Rock had a love for motorcycles, and a particular interest in Harley-Davidson

What’s the first thing you do when you sniff success? You go and buy a motorcycle of course. And what sort of motorcycle? A Harley-Davidson, naturally.

Well that’s what Elvis ‘The King’ Presley did anyway.

Read the full report at Bikesales.com.au

29 April 2022

After nearly 70 years, MOTOR Magazine is dead

 After 825 issues over 68 years, Wheels Media is retiring its MOTOR masthead.

First published on 9th May 1954 as ‘Modern Motor’, MOTOR has long been Australia’s go-to magazine for performance car reviews and news. Today’s announcement is therefore saddening, though it represents a necessary response to changing market dynamics and consumer preferences in an increasingly digital age.

“Given MOTOR’s prestigious history, today’s decision was certainly one of the hardest we’ve had to make in the history of our business,” Wheels Media CEO Christian Clark said.

“While print remains an important and unique channel for Wheels Media, market conditions are driving a consolidation of titles across the industry. In terms of consumer demand and long-term sustainability, one new-car masthead in Wheels – as part of a comprehensive multi-channel digital and print offering – makes best sense.

“Wheels and MOTOR have always had a subtly different voice and focus, but there is inevitably plenty of natural content overlap. Consolidating our editorial efforts allows us to more effectively entertain and inform our loyal audience of enthusiasts and new-car buyers.”

Wheels Media continues its evolution from a print-focused operation to a multi-channel publisher, powering its rapidly growing digital presence in alignment with its long-term vision for the business.

The good news for fans of the MOTOR brand is that much of its heritage will live on with editor Andy Enright and much of the team moving to key roles with our Wheels and WhichCar titles.

The last edition of MOTOR Magazine will be the July issue, which goes to print in June.

Source: ARE Media

20 April 2022

Riding and Driving Glasses for Older Eyes

We recently tested several leading brands of riding/driving glasses, especially for those with ageing eyes. 

We ask whether it's worth shelling out a few hundred dollars for top tier specs, or can you get by with budget glasses? 

Read our full report at Australian Road Rider

13 April 2022

First look: Porsche 911 GT3

friend of Motorweb, Damian Reid, seems impressed with the new GT3

 No bad angles. Also, no ecu-assisted exhaust pops, no engine noise piped through the speakers,  no electrically-assisted performance, no drift mode, no turbochargers, no superchargers. Why? It needs not one of them 😁 

The #porsche911 #gt3 is about as raw and as emotional as it gets in the 2022 performance car world. Earthy, natural grunt from its 9000rpm, 4.0, naturally-aspirated six-cylinder just as God intended under the right foot and minimal sound insulation to ram home the message. 

I'll be happily deaf for the next six weeks. They definitely won't be making them like this in the very near future. 

Check these numbers: 375kw at 8400rpm, 92kw more than the Carrera S, 9000rpm redline, 470nm at 6100rpm. 3.4s to 100kmh (Carrera is 4.2) and 328kmh (Carrera S 293kmh). Buy-in? A$500k for starters

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