14 May 2021

Wild Lexus spotted in Dubai

Friend of MotorWeb, Dubai-based Damien Reid, muses over the stalwart LandCruiser and its Lexus cousin.

Only an idiot would diss a LandCruiser's stated intention as arguably the best off-roader on the planet but the Lexus LX570 as an urban cruiser is definitely feeling its ladder-frame chassis age, though thankfully an all-new one is coming. I loved the Lexus feel, interior quality and touchpoints but it's not tricking you into thinking it's anything but a well used Landy. 

This is a 'Ltd Ed' with the very nice olive green paint (not sure about so much red leather though, personally) but holy crap that window tint cannot be factory spec. Literally couldn't drive it at night. It will sell no doubt to the purists but I'm now curious to see the new model. Its 5.7 V8 is one of the world's best V8s and no question, the big L still commands respect and appreciation in these parts. The enigma. 

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