05 April 2021

The new world is silent: The hybrid Maserati Ghibli


Long time friend of MotorWeb, Dubai-based Damien Reid, is turning his colleagues green with envy with his test of the new Maserati Ghibli. Here's a sneak preview.

I've been spending a few days living with the new Maserati Ghibli Hybrid and there is plenty to like with the overall refresh. The new taillights that pay homage to the 'Boomerang' lights from the 3200GT nicely sharpening up the lines at the back. 

The new touchscreen infotainment system with wireless phone charging is a huge improvement and the leather and trim is sumptuous. But I'm struggling to accept a Maserati with no exhaust or engine note. It's been the company's main USP for so long, it requires a big adjustment for the loyalists. 2.0 turbo, 4-cyl with a mild hybrid gives great economy and is quick with 330hp and a 48v booster battery. 5.7 to 100kmh and 255kmh top with RWD and yet... not even a 4-cyl pop and crackle. Welcome to the new world I guess. Thankfully there's still the V6 and Trofeo V8 options for the rest of us but it is probably the first Maserati your company accountant will finally approve. No hybrid badges, just a few subtle blue highlights on the side flanks and C-pillar badge. @maseratimiddleeast #hybrid #ghibli

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