07 April 2024

CF Moto 800NK Advanced: China to the fore

Chinese brand, CF Moto, has been shutting down detrators for the last few years. Is Terry McCarthy another convert to the Hangzhou-based giant?

Let's start with the price: An introductory $12490.00 on road with 12 months registration. The bike has a 3-year warranty which is much better than many of its competitors.

This machine is fitted with a TFT full laminated touchscreen display providing all relevant information it also features Apple CarPlay and the Android equivalent along with keyless start, bidirectional quick shifter and cruise control.

The engine is a 799cc parallel twin DOHC engine derived from engines used by KTM. This engine produces 74kW (just over 100hp) at 9,000 rpm and 81Nm of torque at 8000 rpm. The engine utilises a slipper clutch which makes for easy and confident down changes. The engine firing order is excess of 270 degrees giving it the feel of a V twin. The company is obviously confident with the engine as it appears in a number of other models.

The ride by wire technology allows for 3 riding modes. STREET, SPORT and RAIN and owners can link the bike to an App on their phone which allows heaps of useful features. Please note, this bike does not have a traction control system. ABS and ride modes only.

The bike is available in two colourways. Nebula White and Zircon Black. Styling is very contemporary with much of its look coming from a well-known European brand. Some may describe it as 'transformerish'. Whilst the demo unit I rode was black, I think I would favour the white version.

Handling is great. The bike is very easy to ride within an urban environment, with a seat height of 795mm. Easy to balance and slow speed handling is easy and confidence inspiring. On the open road the bike handles beautifully, whilst the steering is direct it is controlled with a steering damper. The suspension is fully adjustable up front with rebound dampening on the rear plus preload. In its default settings I found the suspension was great, slightly firm but well dampened over my favourite rough test route.

Riding position was typical naked sports orientation with legs curled up a little but not uncomfortably for me. I am lucky as I do not suffer knee or hip issues and stand 178cm. Handlebars are wide and one is not forced forward, so the aspect is very naked bike like. This bike whilst capable of carrying passengers, would only be suitable for short rides with the pillion.

Brakes front and rear have good feel and are aided with a Bosch anti-lock braking system. More than capable of pulling up from any speed and provide great feedback.

The TFT touch screen display supplies heaps of information and linked in with an App that works on your smart phone gives, heaps of information. You can utilise your smar phone for navigation, telecommunications, and GPS information. Certainly, as good if not better than many competitors.

Overall the bike was enjoyable to ride, sounded great at lower speeds, it was drowned out a little by wind noise as speeds picked up. Gear changes were good although the quick-shifter was a bit over eager at times with an occasional false neutral. Handling overall was superb with LED lighting and indicators that would assist in being seen by other road users. Seat was a tad too firmthe mirrors lost the ability to show me what was happening behind once over 80km / h Would I buy one? As a commuter and short ride machine it would be a good choice. There are other options available from this manufacturer and its competitors for longer distance or touring.

Forget where the bike is made! Some of the brands that we hold dear have bikes or significant parts of the bikes made in other countries. Whilst in the UK a few years ago, I was amazed when I visited a particular factory, that only 2 models of its extensive line up were actually made in England.

Full details at: https://www.cfmoto.com.au/model/800nk-advanced

Thanks to Bikebarn Hobart for the test bike.

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