11 February 2022

Premium 'old school' Aviator motorcycle goggles from Ugly Fish

Biggles may not have ridden a Harley-Davidson, or any motorcycle for that matter, but that shouldn't stop you from channelling the famous fictional air ace with these magnificent hand-made goggles from Ugly Fish. The Aviator series are a premium item from the famous Australian eyewear company and are a perfect companion to any classic, cafe or retro-styled motorcycle.

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"These superb heritage-styled goggles are hand-made for us in Italy," says Faraz Darabi, CEO of Piranha Eyewear, the creators of Ugly Fish glasses, "and you won't find these just anywhere. These are limited to our higher-end stores and customers."

The frames are powder-coated and finished with a hand-stitched, soft leather face mask. The head strap offers enough flexibility to wear under or over an open-faced helmet and feature silicon non-slip strips on the underside to prevent the goggles from moving.

The Aviator series lenses are made from tough polycarbonate material and are designed to protect your eyes from harmful elements. You can also have a prescription lens fitted with an RX gasket (available separately).

Be sure to try them on next time you're at any Harley-Heaven dealer or AMX Superstore.

The Ugly Fish Aviator Goggle R101 has an RRP of $199.95

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