13 April 2022

First look: Porsche 911 GT3

friend of Motorweb, Damian Reid, seems impressed with the new GT3

 No bad angles. Also, no ecu-assisted exhaust pops, no engine noise piped through the speakers,  no electrically-assisted performance, no drift mode, no turbochargers, no superchargers. Why? It needs not one of them 😁 

The #porsche911 #gt3 is about as raw and as emotional as it gets in the 2022 performance car world. Earthy, natural grunt from its 9000rpm, 4.0, naturally-aspirated six-cylinder just as God intended under the right foot and minimal sound insulation to ram home the message. 

I'll be happily deaf for the next six weeks. They definitely won't be making them like this in the very near future. 

Check these numbers: 375kw at 8400rpm, 92kw more than the Carrera S, 9000rpm redline, 470nm at 6100rpm. 3.4s to 100kmh (Carrera is 4.2) and 328kmh (Carrera S 293kmh). Buy-in? A$500k for starters

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