08 June 2016

Public Warning re: Gasoline Motor Co


NSW Fair Trading is warning consumers not to deal with Gasoline Motor Co, following identification of possible trust account anomalies involving vehicles placed on consignment.

Gasoline Motor Co and parent companies Gasoline Machine Pty Ltd and Gasoline Australia (NSW) Pty Ltd are located at 88 Bourke Road, Alexandria, NSW, and deal in high-end motor vehicles and custom-made motorcycles.

Fair Trading Commissioner Rod Stowe said both Gasoline Machine Pty Ltd and Gasoline Australia have been suspended pending a response by the licensees to a Notice to Show Cause on the licences and a determination by NSW Fair Trading.

“I am issuing this warning as we are concerned that these businesses may be continuing to trade,” Mr Stowe said.

At least $600,000 consumer detriment has been identified by Fair Trading with 17 complaints and enquiries against Gasoline Machine about non-payment in consignment deals.

A further 47 complaints against Gasoline Australia involving the quality of repairs of used motorcycles and scooters and the quality of new motorcycles and scooters have also been received by Fair Trading.

“Investigations are continuing into the activities of both Gasoline Machine Pty Ltd and Gasoline Australia (NSW) Pty Ltd, following identification of alleged trust account anomalies,” Mr Stowe said.

“If consumers have consigned a vehicle with either of the above mentioned businesses and the vehicle has not yet been sold, they should contact the following licensees to arrange immediate collection.”

Gasoline Machine Pty Ltd: 1300 427 654, (02) 9698 4433 or 0418 565 575.

Gasoline Australia (NSW) Pty Ltd: 1300 427 654, (02) 9698 4433 or 0402 441 356.

Mr Stowe said repair work cannot be lawfully conducted by Gasoline Australia (NSW) Pty Ltd and consumers who have motorcycles or scooters in for repair, service or builds should immediately collect their vehicle and any parts paid for by contacting the above numbers.

If a consumer has purchased and signed a prescribed Form 5 notice and paid in full for the purchase of a vehicle prior to 9.25 am on 24 May 2016, the business can be contacted on telephone numbers 1300 427 654 or (02) 9698 4433 to arrange collection of the vehicle.

On 3 June 2016, Hall Chadwick Chartered Accountants were appointed receivers of Gasoline Machine Pty Ltd.

Consumers who have incurred a detriment by Gasoline Machine Pty Ltd should contact Nicholas Charlwood on (02) 9263 2600 or email ncharlwood@hallchadwick.com.au to register an interest.

If purchasers, consignors or customers of vehicles to either of the business have any other questions or concerns they can contact NSW Fair Trading on 13 32 20.

1 comment:

rodeime said...

Some Google reviews include:

"both the trade and the purchase of the new car were also handled very much at the limit of what can be described as “acceptable”

"...ignored my calls, never responded to emails unless my tone became accusatory."

"This business attempted to sell a car that was stolen. They were aware it was pending court action and attempted to sell it anyway."

"They basically, sold my scooter, forged my signature on the rego papers then told me they didn't make enough profit on the repair costs to pay me anything...Scooter gone!, no money at all."

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