06 June 2022

Secure it with ZIPPYLOK


A lot of you have got a 'HELMETLOK' from Rocky Creek Designs, or, you've probably seen the combination lockable carabiner used by another biker to secure their helmet to a bike. Well, the same people who designed that item, have a new gadget for doing a similar job. 

Enter the ZIPPYLOK, which, for all intents and purposes, looks like a fancy Zip Tie. That said, you could probably use it for many similar functions. : It consists of an adjustable (stainless?) steel strap, 450mm long and 10mm wide, contained in a tough flexible rubber/plastic scratch-resistant covering. This allows you to lock your helmet or other motorbike related item securely to your bike without scratching your steed's paintwork. It can loop as small as 40mm x 70mm or as large as 140mm in diameter. The strap can easily thread through a helmet strap 'D' shackle.

There is no doubt a multitude of uses for this lightweight, durable and lockable device. I'm informed that it is water-resistant and won't corrode, and can be left in place on your bike rack or grab rail when not actually employed in locking a valuable. The 3 digit combination is resettable to any 3 numbers you find easy to remember.

The good thing about it is the price because at $39.95 you can get a few of them and the security possibilities are endless.

I'm carrying mine around on a belt loop or in my jacket pocket, it's brilliant!

Ian Parks

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